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The Storm - Chapter 7
Dan was asleep, still chained up behind the bars of his prison. As he slept, he dreamt about the world outside, how he couldn’t do anything to save the generations of men who were being eliminated at this very moment. He tossed and turned thinking about them being converted. They way they suffered as their breasts forced their way onto their chest. How they would collapse in pain as they lost their manhood. Their screams becoming more and more feminine with each watt of electricity passed through their bodies. Even about the possibility of he himself being converted.
Suddenly he was awoken by the sound of falling bricks. He sat up, in front of him was a pile of concrete on the other side of the bars. Looking up he saw the large hole in the ceiling where it had come from and a figure dropping down. It was Mindy but what was she doing here.
“Let me guess,” Dan said weakly, “you’re here to take me to the chamber.”
“Actually I’m here to get y
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The Storm - Chapter 6
It was an ordinary day for most of the population. They were all in work or school, living out their lives like it was any other day. However, this day would become the day that changed the lives of many forever.
Mistress was in place, the camera focussed on her as she prepared for what was about to happen. Vincent, in his new female form, stood behind the camera performing the behind the scenes operations. She hit the button and soon the transmission commenced. Suddenly, all the television channels were cut off, replaced with the image of Mistress looking down upon the worried viewers. Crowds soon developed, eager to see what was happening as this figure they had never seen before began to speak.
“Hello World. I am Mistress.” She began. “For years, our world leaders have been oppressing the lives of women across the globe, deeming us weak and ignorant. Today I am telling you that this day of male dictatorship is over once and for all. Together, fellow females, we can
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The Storm - Chapter 5
As Dan opened his eyes he found himself chained up against a wall. He was in some sort of prison but the other cells were empty. Above him, a television set that was attached to the wall with a webcam placed above it. Someone was watching him.
Without warning, the television turned itself on. It was the woman that he had seen just before he passed out. Only now could he get a proper look at her. The first thing that struck him were her piercing blue eyes, glaring at him as they watched him struggle in his chains. A long nose hooked over continually pursed lips, which were painted a bright red. Her long, blonde hair was tied back into a ponytail that reached far down her back. She wore a black, leather jumpsuit, complete with a pistol clinging to her belt as well as the heels she wore upon her feet.
“Look who’s awake.” She said in a honeyed, penetrating tone.
“Who are you?!” Dan shouted at his captor, “Where the hell am I?!”
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The Storm - Chapter 4
St James Street, on the far side of the city. A rundown, derelict place where crime rates were so high the police didn’t even bother trying to enforce the law anymore. The road lay covered in litter and many home, though still standing, had been abandoned long ago and left boarded up. This is where Dan traced her back to.
He walked up a set of old, wooden stairs, the floorboards creaking with every step, to the second floor of an apartment block. Knocking on the door, he waited. Footsteps inside got closer until the door was opened.
“Hel…” She stopped as soon as she saw him, immediately trying to slam the door closed but Dan managed to stop it.
“Hello, Mindy. Remember me?” Dan asked rhetorically. “Can I come in?”
Stepping inside he took a quick look around the apartment. Windows were smashed, bottles and food packaging were scattered across the floor. When it came to actual furnishing the place was pretty bare. He almost began to feel so
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The Storm - Chapter 3
It had been a few days since Dan’s encounter with the mysterious woman that had broken into the file room. He just had to find out who she was, not just because of what she had stolen but also due to his sheer curiosity. He spent hours looking through records but none of them came up useful. There were no photographs or composite sketches that looked like her to be found and without knowing her name he could only get so far.
Chief Inspector Matthews walked in. “Still looking for the woman who broke in, huh?”
“Yes, sir, but it’s very difficult finding anything about her without a name.” Dan responded.
“Well I have something else for you to do today, Jacobson. A new power facility is opening up close by and orders from higher up need it secured, so I need you to head down there and figure out a plan of action.”
“Why is this place so important? It’s just a power station.” Dan asked confused.
“I’m not sure but wi
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The Storm - Chapter 2
Rain was pouring down from the dark, moonlit sky. Through the torrent of water, a figure wrapped in a long, black coat, umbrella in hand. Turning into an alleyway, she approached a door lit only by a small lamp above it. Knocking three times, the door was soon opened and the woman was quickly let inside.
Inside was a bar and a single table occupied by one man. He wore a dark grey suit, as well as a distinct scar that ran down his left cheek. Holding his hand out as a gesture of welcome, she pulled out the chair opposite him and sat down.
“I trust you brought what I wanted?” questioned the man in his low, gravelly tone of voice.
“Yeah, I brought it. I’m just worried that you haven’t kept up your end of the deal.” She replied as she slid a small envelope across the table to him.
Picking it up, he looked inside to ensure everything was in there. Quickly, his face became angry.
“Is this some sort of joke?!” He yelled, crumpling the empty enve
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The Storm - Chapter 1
Cars were pulling up outside of the headquarters. Tonight the annual get together of the FBI special forces so security surrounded the outside, covering every possible entrance and exit of the area.
The night was in full swing with all officers drinking and chatting, taking full advantage of the one night where they weren't thinking about everything that was going on around them. Chief Inspector Matthews stepped on to the small stage towards the back of the room. Tapping a spoon against his glass, soon all the officers turned to face him.
“Everyone,  tonight has been terrific but, as you all know, it's not just about having a good time. We're also here to give credit where it is due and there is one officer in this room who has put in incredible amounts of effort each and every day of this year. Ladies and gentlemen, Officer Dan Jacobson"
Dan stepped in front of the crowd, pulling a speech out of his jacket pocket. He had been waiting for this promotion for weeks.
As he bega
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The Storm - Prologue
The van pulled into the hangar, rain pouring from the dark grey sky, as the metal doors were shut behind it. For a moment it was pitch black. The lights flickered on, illuminating the abandoned structure. A man stepped in from the back of the building, dressed in a black, three piece suit, no expression shown on his face.
Two guards stepped out from the front of the van, immediately moving to the back and opening the thick, armoured doors to reveal what was inside. Three prisoners, each chained against the walls of the van with their faces covered by dark, burlap sacks. The guards moved up the small steps to remove the prisoners, handcuffing them again before they had a chance to make an escape.
“You know what to do," the man said to the guards before quickly returning to the back of the hangar.
The prisoners were taken out of the main body of the hangar and downstairs to a dark corridor. The metal walls were coated in rust, with water heard dripping in the distance from a far of
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Yoga Pants TG
My friends and I walked home from school after yet another day of being pushed around by the popular students. All three of us hated admitting it but we were losers and everyday we suffered because of it.
"Why do people do this?" asked David as we walked down the street.
"It's just the way of life," responded Nathan, "it happens in every school."
"Yeah but why? I just don't understand."
"Who cares?" I said, "The fact is that we are unpopular and there is nothing we can do about it."
We continued walking until David noticed something new along our route. "What's that shop over there, I don't think I've ever seen that before."
"Me neither, " Nathan and I replied in unison.
All three of us crossed the road and entered this new place.
As I walked in the place immediately felt weird to me, as if there was some strange presense filling the room. We started to look around, seeing what kind of stuff this place had. For a new shop we had never seen before it had a pretty thick sheet of dust all
:iconthisisboring43:thisisboring43 647 29
Pervert TG
I remember the day it all began clearly. It was a monday afternoon on the first day of a new school term. I had a free period so I did what I always did; sat in the corner of the common room with my two friends, eyeing up all of the hot girls that would walk by. All of us knew it was wrong, but we also said it was kind of a compliment to them because it showed we thought they were pretty.
However, on this day my friends weren't there, both still on family holidays from the preceding week off school. I was gonna have to go it alone, for today at least.
I tried to be subtle seeing as I wasn't surrounded by my friends. So I peeked over one of my magazines hoping that they wouldn't notice me staring at them and their beautiful breasts. I remained unnoticed as many girls passed by, it was all going well.
Then someone walked in that i'll never forget. She must have been new here because I'd never seen her before. She was incredible. Swaying, long, brown hair; perfect sized ass; slim, hourgla
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Christina Hendricks TG
It was just a regular evening. Me and my friend were both tired after a long day so we decided to sit down and watch some TV. She suggested this show called Mad Men, which I'd never seen before, but she raved about it so I went along with her and watched it.
I should probably tell you about the two of us. I'm Mitch, just your standard guy. "0 years old, quite skinny with short, blonde hair. My friend is Alexa, a budding actress with long blonde hair.
Personally I didn't think it was that good, not really my thing. However, there was one person in the show who I really didn't like and that was the role played by Christina Hendricks. I made the mistake of telling Alexa this fact. Suddenly I was bombarded with questions.
"How can you not like her? She's probably my favourite actress"
Then came the three words that I would regret for the rest of my life, "She's too fat." The look of sheer anger on her face was something that would be in my nightmares for weeks.
"So you're saying that I'm f
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The Mirror Room TG
This was going to be it. I had been out of work for months, almost a year now, constantly looking for jobs here, there and everywhere. I went through vast numbers of interviews with all kinds of people, just trying to live my dream of being a successful photographer, but they all came to no avail.
It had been a few weeks since my last interview but for whatever reason I just thought this was going to be the one, the job that was going to kickstart my career.
"Christopher Stanley please," came a voice from inside the office.
I stood up out of my seat, fixing my tie as I did so. Just before I stepped through the door, I took a deep breath.
"You can do this, Chris. This is the one," I thought to myself.
As I pushed open the door, I saw just one woman in their separated from me by a desk and empty chair where I would be sitting.
I sat the down, the silence unbearable. Then she began.
"Christopher," she exclaimed, holding her hand out to be shaken, "I'm Hilary, pleased to meet you."
"Now I'
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Jade TG
I had always hated X-Factor. I hated how it gave people who sang for weeks fame and number ones ahead of real artists who worked hard all of their lives in the industry just because it was a television show.
However, my opinions were widely despised around my school. Especially when Little Mix, X-Factor winners, went straight to number one with their new single. It was all anyone talked about in school, so naturally I wasn't happy. This turned everyone against me. I lived through it though, thinking it would be over by the end of the day.
And I was right. The next day it was as if nothing had happended yesterday, I was even invited to something going on in the hall afterschool.
The day went quickly and eventually I found myself stood outside the hall at the end of the day. As I walked through, the hall was pitch black. As I stood confused by the situation, I was grabbed from behind and knocked out.
When I awoke, I was strapped to a chair surrounded by my class mates, all glaring at me.
:iconthisisboring43:thisisboring43 45 2
Charlie's wedding
So there I was, stood at the end of the aisle on the day of my wedding and, if I'm honest, I was suffering from a severe case of cold feet. I loved my girlfriend, Amber, I really did, but I was just so scared of commitment.
I was suddenly shocked as the music began to play. "Here we go then," I said to myself. "You can do this Charlie."
As my future wife began to walk slowly down the aisle, I realised I still couldn't go through with it. I started to think of ways I could get out of this situation, whether they were realistic or not.
I could just do the classic and say no when it gets to the 'I do's'. No, I couldn't do it that far in with so much pressure on me. It's too late to set up some sort of plan. There's no way on earth some sort of catastrophe will occur, surely. Maybe she'll say she doesn't want to get married either.
Who was I kidding? She'd spent years with me praying for this moment, and now that it was finally here she was never going to give it up.
"All I want is for her
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone,

Yes, I'm back on deviantART again and I have something very special that will begin tomorrow. I finally found an idea that I really liked and enjoyed writing. It's quite different from what I normally post but I felt it necessary in order to continue posting stuff on here as I became tired of the same old idea that I was posting.

This also mean that I won't be taking any more requests where the idea is simply "Can you do one where someone turns into *insert random celebrity*". Sorry if that's what you guys want but I just can't deal with that anymore.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the start of my new era of story writing as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Thanks guys,

Thisisboring43 :iconthisisboring43:
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