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It was just a regular evening. Me and my friend were both tired after a long day so we decided to sit down and watch some TV. She suggested this show called Mad Men, which I'd never seen before, but she raved about it so I went along with her and watched it.

I should probably tell you about the two of us. I'm Mitch, just your standard guy. "0 years old, quite skinny with short, blonde hair. My friend is Alexa, a budding actress with long blonde hair.

Personally I didn't think it was that good, not really my thing. However, there was one person in the show who I really didn't like and that was the role played by Christina Hendricks. I made the mistake of telling Alexa this fact. Suddenly I was bombarded with questions.

"How can you not like her? She's probably my favourite actress"

Then came the three words that I would regret for the rest of my life, "She's too fat." The look of sheer anger on her face was something that would be in my nightmares for weeks.

"So you're saying that I'm fat as well?!"

"What? No."

"Well you are. I have pretty much the exact same body as her. She's my idol for that precise reason. She's showed everyone that women that are slightly bigger can still be hot."

"Look your not..."

"I don't care what you have to say. Goodnight." She then got up and left, slamming the door closed before I could even finish my sentence.

With that I had a quick shower before getting into bed.

The next day went fairly quickly. Somehow I didn't think about the argument once throughout the day.

Once I was home from work and had done my run, I hung up my clothes and I got into the shower. As the water began to pour over me, I thought I heard something. Ignoring it, I carried on showering. Then I heard it again only louder. The sound of a door closing.

Immediately, I turned off the shower and pulled back the curtain. My towel was gone. I left the bathroom, constantly looking around as I made my way to my bedroom. Everything seemed the same so I looked in my drawers for another towel. Nothing was there. I then opened my wardrobe.

To my shock, there was one item of clothing in there. All of my clothes were gone, all that hung was a set of blue lingerie with a note attatched.

"Mitch, put this on and I will forget everything that happened last night.
  It will make someone the happiest girl in the world

Wanting to make things right with Alexa after what I said, I agreed and began to put on the lingerie, even if it did feel very weird.

As I slid the lingerie up my legs, I noticed my leg hair falling out, leaving my legs smooth. Ignoring this, I pulled the set over my arms. The same thing happened. I had the main part on, still having no idea why Alexa would want me to do this. I then put on the gown to complete the set.

I walked over to the mirror to look at how ridiculous I looked in this ill fitting set of lingerie and huge, empty cups.

Suddenly, pain surged in the centre of my body. I immediately dropped to the floor, clutching myself in a vague attempt to ease the pain I was feeling. My hair grew long as unfamiliar, red locks covered my eyes and reached just past my shoulders.

I could then hear my own skull cracking and changing as it reshaped itself into a smaller shape. I looked in the mirror to see a much softer, rounder shaped head on my body. My lips puffed out, fading into a bright pink colour as they did as if I was wearing lipstick. The rest of my features began to transform. My eyelashes grew long. My nose shrank down as did my ears.

The changes moved down my body, my neck narrowing and forcing my adam's apple into my body. My shoulders collapsed inwards as my arms thinned. My hands shrinking to become more petite. I could only watch as my nails grew much longer.

The lower parts of the lingerie were no longer loose as my hips and thighs widened. I looked down to see them, no longer feeling skinny as I did before. But my new hourglass figure looked pretty hot.

The changes continued as what I was wearing no longer felt uncomfertable against my private area. It shrank down with great pain as it was slowly absorbed into my body, levaing just a slit. I could only feel my insides change but I could easily figure out waht was happening. My testicles were becoming my ovaries. I was a woman now. But something was missing. There were still two huge empty cups left in the lingerie.

I began to move my hands around, feeling my new body. As I reached my chest, I let out a sharp moan, which seemingly triggered the final part of the transformation.

Fat built up behind my nipples as my chest tingled. I watched my breasts grow and grow. They just kept going, past B and C cups, becoming huge. Eventually the growing slowed down and finally stopped at what I would later find out to be 38-DDD breasts, filling the lingerie perfectly.

I was finally able to get up from the floor, even with my new centre of gravity, but something was still strange. My room had changed while I was changing. Behind me no longer stood a mirror but pink curtains now hung from there. I started to search around, trying to figure out where I was. Walking was very different but I was able to get over to the bed, where I noticed a photo frame.

It housed a photograph of a man and someone who looked like Christina Hendricks. Instantly, new thoughts and memories flooded through my mind. Memories of an acting career and my... my husband.

I woke up on my bed, looking at the time.

"Oh my God! He'll be home soon. Better get ready. Geoffrey will love this surprise."
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2nd reading brilliant
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what a brilliant caption the description of how this happened is wicked
Fetishhero Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014
If I had one wish in the world, it would be to become Christina Hendricks, most beautiful red head!
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Oh the horror!
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Absolutely fantastic! Christina Hendricks is indeed very hot.
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Thats awesome :D
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