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October 7, 2012
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I remember the day it all began clearly. It was a monday afternoon on the first day of a new school term. I had a free period so I did what I always did; sat in the corner of the common room with my two friends, eyeing up all of the hot girls that would walk by. All of us knew it was wrong, but we also said it was kind of a compliment to them because it showed we thought they were pretty.

However, on this day my friends weren't there, both still on family holidays from the preceding week off school. I was gonna have to go it alone, for today at least.

I tried to be subtle seeing as I wasn't surrounded by my friends. So I peeked over one of my magazines hoping that they wouldn't notice me staring at them and their beautiful breasts. I remained unnoticed as many girls passed by, it was all going well.

Then someone walked in that i'll never forget. She must have been new here because I'd never seen her before. She was incredible. Swaying, long, brown hair; perfect sized ass; slim, hourglass figure; beautiful face and amazing, large breasts. She was the greatest looking girl I had ever seen in my life.

Somehow everyone seemed to carry on as normal but I couldn't stop gazing at her. She looked over in my direction, her expression seeming to become quite annoyed for some reason. Then I realised that her looks had made me completely forget about being subtle. It was really obvious where I was looking and what I was gaping at.

She strided over to me, her long hair moving amazingly with every step.

"Just what were you just doing?" she asked me, a tone of anger in her voice.

"I don't know what you're talking about," I responded.

"All of you boys are the same aren't you? You don't care about anything but our looks."

"Take it as a compliment. I wouldn't be staring at you if you were ugly would I?"

"Just prove my point why don't you. I bet you probably think I'm some sort of stupid bimbo as well just because of the way I look."

"Look I'm sorry ok.," I said, about to get up from my seat.

"No. All of the girls here told me about you as soon as I arrived here. It's not just me who thinks you're an ass. Well now you're gonna find out what it feels like to be oogled and stared at all day long by morons like yourself. You've messed with the wrong person"

"Well good luck with that," I responded sarcastically.

With that I decided to get up and leave. But something was wrong. It was as if I was stuck to my chair, unable to move. No one else in the room was moving. Just this girl.

Somehow she began to float in the air, a bright pink aura surrounding her body almost blinding me. She was talking to herself. I could just hear her but was unable to understand a word she was saying.

Suddenly, she clapped her hands. The pink glow fired itself towards me and I couldn't do anything about it. With great pain it hit my body, almost forcing its way into my body through my skin.

I watched as a pink glow coursed through my veins and arteries, spreading through my body. Enormous pain followed. The top of my skull felt as though it was being pulled. My hair began to flow gracefully down to my back. As it passed over my face something was off. My hair, formally black, was now bright blonde and soft.

My skull began to crack and reshape itself into a much softer shape. All of my features shrank down to a much more delicate size as my eyelashes grew longer and my lips puffed out to become much more kissable.

All of my body hair tore itself from my skin, leaving it smooth and soft. My neck narrowed along with my shoulders. My arm lost their muscle to become much thinner than before. I felt my hands get smaller and smaller as they became more petite. My finger nails, however, grew much longer.

My hips flared outwards, growing wider to give me sexy curves. My core hardened as the fat that was there moved to my butt to filled it out, giving me the butt I lusted after all of my years.

Then an enormous surge of pain struck my groin area as my penis shrank into my body leaving me with a slit and my new ovaries.

"Now for my favourite part," exclaimed the girl, still floating as the rest of the school remained frozen.

All I could feel was a tingling sensation in my chest. Slowly, the area around my nipples began to push outwards, as the fat built up behind them. I could only stare in disbelief at what was happening; watching as what I knew were breasts grew larger and larger. They went past A and B, slowing down at C cups. Eventually the girl had mercy, stopping them at just high C-cups.

"Now for the finishing touches," she stated. Another aura built up around her, only this time it was white. With a second clap, the light shot at me again.

My clothes were torn off my body, simply disintergrating into nothing. I could finally see my new body in its full form, freaking me out even more than I had been. Then, I started to feel things pressing up against my skin.

A white set of satin underwear was developing upon my female form. Cupping my sensitive breasts and vagina comfortably. I felt my hair being pulled again, but this time it wasn't painful at all. A red ribbon tied my luscious, blonde locks into a sweet ponytail, still leaving long strands and a fringe infront of my face. A black miniskirt formed around my waist, along with a loose belt that seemed to hang down freely. Finally, a pink tank top slid onto my body, pulling against it tightly to show off my amazing figure.

"One last thing," said the girl, making her way back to the floor. She clicked her fingers, making a small necklace appear. She walked over to me to place it around my neck.

My mind was flooded with new memories, forcing my former self out of my head until it was completely gone.

"Shauna. Shauna, wake up." whsipered the girl, gently shaking me.

"Huh? Like, what happened?"

"I don't know, I just found you like this"

"Well thanks for helping me, babe. I gotta get to my next class. God I wish I was smart like you, life would be, like, so much easier and I would get seen for who I am rather than what I look like."

"Don't worry, Shauna. No-one thinks like that."
A request from :iconsexytgtits:

I think they wanted it to be a series but I don't really work that way so I hope this is just as good. I tried to get the bimbo element in there as much as possible I promise.

No picture was asked for so I thought I'd try something a bit different and use an anime picture, hope you guys like it.

Still not sure about the series idea that I had though, at the moment I think I'm just gonna do short stories.

Not my pic, it's this guys: [link]
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beetlelion12 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014
Wish I had the new girl as my girlfriend (basically like ever other tged girl)
Um, hypocrisy on Aisle 5!

Turning a guy into a girl doesn't help anything.
Bilztwing Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
You steal the art from here [link]

Isn it against the rule to steal art?
Pokemon381 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012
if she erse the memory than he/she won't know it's a Punishment and it's strange i can read this whitoute losing interest but I can't read books at school
Macbravo Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That blonde anime attractive girls always makes me in a good mood.
DzrkArts Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You make it sound like changing genders is painful. :D
Pokemon381 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012
Gabe Newell: hopefully it will be worth the weight
KingWillhamII Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012
Hahaha. funny, good work!
xy2kura Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012
I all ready explained in my comments that you can't credit an image either and that you needed written permission from the original artist and show proof of that in your comments. Linking to the picture like that is doing "crediting" which again, isn't allowed. Please remove it.

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