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My friends and I walked home from school after yet another day of being pushed around by the popular students. All three of us hated admitting it but we were losers and everyday we suffered because of it.

"Why do people do this?" asked David as we walked down the street.

"It's just the way of life," responded Nathan, "it happens in every school."

"Yeah but why? I just don't understand."

"Who cares?" I said, "The fact is that we are unpopular and there is nothing we can do about it."

We continued walking until David noticed something new along our route. "What's that shop over there, I don't think I've ever seen that before."

"Me neither, " Nathan and I replied in unison.

All three of us crossed the road and entered this new place.

As I walked in the place immediately felt weird to me, as if there was some strange presense filling the room. We started to look around, seeing what kind of stuff this place had. For a new shop we had never seen before it had a pretty thick sheet of dust all over.

Suddenly, an old woman appeared behind the counter.

"Can I help you?" she asked us in a decrepit, old voice.

All three of us stood silent, still slightly shocked by this woman's mysterious appearance. It remained awkward until I snapped out of it.

"Err, no thank you. We're just looking."

"Hmm," she muttered, "I sense something upsets you, all of you."

We all looked at eachother, confused by what this woman was saying.

"Well I can help you. Follow me." She said as she turned to walk through the door behind her counter.

Intrigued by what this woman was saying, we followed her through the door. Behind the door were endless towers of boxes and shelves, again caked in dust.

We were led down a narrow corridor, until the old woman stopped abruptly, reaching to grab a box. Pulling off the lid of the box, she revealed something bright yellow. Lifting it out and then handing it to me. This was followed by two similar objects only they were grey and white which were then handed to Nathan and David respectively.

"Yoga pants?!" yelled Nathan, seemingly angry by what he had been presented with.

"No. They are your solution. When you wake up tomorrow, wear them and all of your problems will be solved."

Before we could ask any more questions, we were hurried out of the store.

Saturday morning had arrived and I woke up. After a quick breakfast I had to get dressed to meet the guys at David's house. I opened my wardrobe to see the yellow yoga pants that I had thrown in there yesterday. It was then that I remembered what the woman said.

Curiosity then got to me as I found myself pulling these tight-fitting leggings over my legs. As I pulled them up, I thought about what may be about to happen to me. Pictures of  a hot new body filled my head, and I began to think about all of the girls that I would pick up. It was only when I came back to reality that I realised something. Nothing had changed.

"Well that was a complete waste of time."

I began to take them off but they wouldn't budge. After a few attemplts at removing them they still wouldn't move. I gave up, simply deciding to wear my normal clothes over the top to save me the embaressment of being seen in these bright yellow monstrosities.

I rushed over to David's place, only to find both of my friends very worried.

"Did you put the pants on?" Nathan asked me in pure panic.

"Yes, are they stuck to you as well?"

"Yeah, and David too."

I ran into the garden to see David on the floor. Something was strange though, he seemed different somehow. Then I heard a high pitched scream and had to run inside. Now Nathan was on the floor, and his hair seemed longer.

Suddenly I felt my skin start to tingle. I rushed upstairs, my legs getting weaker with every step to get to the bathroom. Holding myself up over the sink I looked at my self in the mirror. Then I heard a huge crunch and my arms gave in, making me fall to the floor.

All I could feel were my bones shifting, forcing my entire frame to shrink by several inches with immense pain. My skull cracked and shifted itself into a much softer shape. I could feel my lips puff out as they became full and kissable. My hair grew at an extreme rate, cascading beautifully down my neck until it reached the top of my back.

My body hair, however, was torn from the pores of my skin to leave it smooth and soft. As the pain moved downwards, my shoulders narrowed and my Adam's apple was absorbed into my neck. My arms grew thinner with my hands becoming much daintier as my fingers and nails elongated.

Then, my hips began to grow outwards, amounting great pressure on my pants. As my curves continued to grow, forcing my pants to rip apart and revealing my new yoga pants. The yellow leggings got tighter and tighter against my skin as my butt began to inflate to a staggering size.

The pants pulled against my groin with great pain but even greater pleasure. I reached down to grab my manhood but it seemed to disappear. It began to pull itself inside of my body. As I searched for my manhood, I discovered something new. A gap where my manhood used to be. It was only then that I realised what was happening to me.

But then, all that I could feel was the immense pressure building up in my chest. I stared in awe as my nipples pushed out, forming two lumps upon my chest. The pain refused to end until I was left with B-cup breasts hanging from my body. I reached up and as soon as I touched them, an enormous, high-pitched moan left my new body, filling me with pleasure before I blacked out.

When I woke up, two girls hovered over me; one in grey yoga pants, the other in white.

"Come on, Clarissa, we've gotta go."

"Yeah, the party starts soon and I am so desperate for a guy right now"

I picked myself up, taking one quick look in the mirror.

"Ok, but we have to get a photo in our new outfits before we go."
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cryptzoologylover Featured By Owner May 1, 2017
Who is the picture of?
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It seems a lot of these types of stories always center around an old lady and sometimes a creepy or awkward old lady interesting indeed, heh :)
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To bad I can't see the picture on the app
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brilliant love this one well done
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My name's Clarissa....
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wish that would happen to me...
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good caption thanyou
And this solves everything HOW exactly?
Jazzy81 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014
Seems kinda obvious to me.
Have you  ever seen a hot girl get bullied? Me neither.
And if it were to happen, she'd just have to flirt a bit with some muscular dude, and he would beat up the offender for her.

With the right marketing that old woman could make a fortune off a line of yoga pants like that.
I know I would want a pair, no matter what the price!
Maybe so...
MrAsh96 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014
I guess since they are hot girls now they will be popular and guys will obsess over them 
deathbustereudial103 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014
Well, that's certainly an improvement i guess.
Werewolfgirl8813 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013
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9/10 would read again. 9 because it severely lacked any reference to Bacon :p
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I knew I should have included the bacon part!!!
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if only it were that simple XD

of course then half the guys in america would be screwed XD
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Cute,whats happens next.
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love it it was worth the wait
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