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It was just a regular night out with the boys. No occasion, we just hadn't been out together for a long time. Little did I know that such a simple night out would change my entire life forever.

It's hard to remember the night perfectly, a lot of drinks went down that night. The time was... the time was... it was late, well very early in the morning. We queued up and eventually got into what was probably our third or fourth club of the night. Like most drunk people, I danced, extremely poorly, into the night until I bumped into a very, very hot girl. As usual, my first words to this girl was soe pathetic chat up line. Knowing me it would have been something like "grab your coat you've pulled" or some other crap like that. I offered her a drink, but she refused, "I only buy my own drinks, but I'll get one for you if you like." I knodded and as I went to say what I wanted she walked off towards the bar.

It was a while before she came back. She held a drink in each hand. She gave me my surprise drink which was followed simply by the phrase, "Bottoms up." Suddenly I saw her downing her drink, so naturally I followed suit. I watched as my drink slowly made its way out of the glass and down my throat.

We danced together, well she danced, I kind of just moved around in a way in which I thought could be classed as dancing. Hours went by before anything unusual happened.

But then it began.

I ran to the bathroom believing I was about to throw up all over the night club floor. Even drunk I didn't want anybody to see my vomit covering the floor. I went into the first cubicle available and slammed the door shut.

All I could feel was intense pain throughout my whole body. Soft, black hair shot out from the top of my head. It grew and grew until it reached to almost the bottom of my back. I heard an enormous crunching sound. I had no idea where it was from, until my face began to morph. I didn't know it but my face became softer and all my facial feature changed too. My eye lashes grew while my nose shrank. My lips became much more pout.

The changes started to move down my body with huge amounts of pressure building up inside my chest. I watched my skin stretch underneath my shirt as I grew breasts. I saw them go through all the sizes until they stopped at a high C cup, almost D's. I felt my stomach harden as my hips grew outwards and my shoulders crashed inwards. I now had an incredible hourglass figure. Fat added to my butt, almost tearing my pants because they wouldn't fit anymore.

Then was the most important change. The bulge that had accumulated in my pants receded, becoming smaller and smaller until it was so small it was almost sucked into my body, leaving me with my new vagina.

My bodily changes were now over but the transformation wasn't. The legs of my pants merged together and moved up legs, stopping half way up my thighs. The top of my pants then fused with my shirt as the sleeves shrank a little bit. My new, short dress went from being a random mix of colours to just being completely white, except for the design on the left shoulder. The boxers I was wearing then split into three pieces, which went on to form my new, matching, pink, satin, push up bra and panties. The third part was a small, blue belt that went on over my dress. Finally, my shoes transformed, the heel becoming thinner and taller to form a cute pair of blue high heels.

As I stumbled out of the bathroom, after getting through the confused men who stared at me in aweas they saw me, now a woman, walk out of the mens room. I tried to find the woman who had done this to me but she was nowhere to be seen. Nor were any of my friends, they must have got off with some women of their own. Seeing as there were no other women going around the club like they had just learned to walk, I assumed they weren't in the same predicament as me.

All I could do was return home and go online to find a way to reverse this. It was that or just try and get used to being a woman for the rest of my life.
A random TG story I came up with
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carlweezer Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015
Anyone that would tie me up, put makeup and a dress on me, and take me out, that is near Fayetteville or Atlanta, Georgia message me.
TomBrans1 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2014
Nice story - can you meanwhile give me the recipe for that drink?! I am quite interested in becoming (and staying!!)  a woman for the rest of my life .... .
cryptzoologylover Featured By Owner May 31, 2014
did you do this off a pic you saw? If so can you post the link so I can get a visual reference of the transformation please.
ACruelJoke Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
Wow. It sounds like you tapped into my nightmares. This is one from my file of repeat nightmare types.

Very well written.
tghawk555 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Ooh, very nice! Simple, too!
syrusdeads Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2011
Cool. First
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